English Language Coaching & Consulting
communicate with confidence

English Language Coaching & Consulting
communicate with confidence

Let me help you achieve your spoken and written language goals.

Hello – my name is Corrine Thöny-Gritsch. I have been teaching English in Liechtenstein and Switzerland since 2001 and have successfully worked with many hundreds of people to help them achieve their English language goals.

My highly personalized and motivational coaching approach will help you to:


  • pass that exam!
  • give that presentation or speech!
  • write that thesis!
  • crush that job interview!
  • market that product!
  • create that text!
  • improve your spoken language skills!
  • and always communicate with confidence!


Let my 20+ years of language teaching experience and intimate knowledge of the local culture, country and language be at your service.


Andrea Zimmermann

MSc Product Manager

“this is the road to success”

I was highly impressed with Corrine’s enthusiasm, professionalism, teaching skills and her ability to motivate people, even more so in stressful situations, from the first moment I met her. I passed the Cambridge Advanced Exam thanks to her help. Corrine is passionate about teaching and this is the road to success for every student.


March 2019

Iris Beck

Owner of Mortimer English Club, Liechtenstein

“professional and passionate”

I took English lessons with Corrine for 3 years. Corrine is a very professional and passionate English teacher. She was always perfectly prepared and taught us the English language with patience and inventiveness. My great weakness was writing, and there she always had good tips so that I could improve my sentence structure and writing skills. For me, it was the first time that I had the same language teacher in a course for such a long period, and that says something. I can truly recommend Corrine. If you are looking for a competent and passionate English teacher, then contact Corrine today.

April, 2019

Karin Brigl

Senior Communication Specialist

“varied and instructive”

The lessons with Corrine were extremely varied and instructive. I was not only able to refresh my English, but also to improve it considerably. This makes my work in a very international environment, where a good command of English is essential, much easier.


LGT Gruppe Holding AG

Thomas Lorenz


Die Zusammenarbeit mit Corrine Thöny-Gritsch ist nicht nur sehr angenehm, sie übersetzt auch Texte zu komplexen Themen zuverlässig, rasch und effizient. Wir empfehlen sie gerne weiter.


Stiftung Zukunft.li


Corrine Thöny-Gritsch

English Language Coaching & Consulting
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"communicate with confidence"