Coaching Services

Public speaking

Find your voice

Every person has an individual voice, and that can be difficult to maintain when speaking a foreign language. Personal coaching sessions will help you to develop your fluency, retain your individuality and learn to love the language so that your authentic voice comes through.

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Presentations & speeches

Perfect presentations

Before you stand in front of your audience, take the time to polish your presentation and practice your delivery with a short or even last-minute coaching session. Be certain that your message is clear, concise, and error-free, while taking the opportunity to practice it with an experienced native speaker so that your delivery is natural and authentic.

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Job interviews

Improve your interview

Interviewing for a prospective job can be stressful enough, but interviewing in a foreign language even more so. Just when confidence, clarity and competence are most called for, you shouldn’t be held back by your language skills.  Personalised coaching can improve your performance, ease your nerves and help you make the best impression possible. While you are at it, why not have your English language résumé proofread and polished as well.

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Private lessons

Personalized Private Coaching

The individual needs of my clients are at the heart of my highly personalized coaching: your goals become my goals. Coaching sessions are designed to meet your needs, suit your level and fit your schedule, be it short or long-term. A free initial consultation will allow us to make an assessment and design sessions that suit your individual requirements.

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Language Services


Proofread and polish before you publish

Be sure to have the best possible product before you publish, by having a trained and experienced eye proofread and polish your work. Avoid errors, awkward wording and misunderstanding by using this quick and easy proofreading service. You can be assured of making a good impression and achieving your purpose when you publish a skillfully crafted document.

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Excellence with editing

The final draft of a written product becomes the public reflection of the writer. The experienced eye of an objective editor will not only help you avoid technical errors, but also produce a well-crafted, clear and concise piece of writing.

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Bespoke written texts

Just for you!

Not everyone relishes the task of putting pen to paper or tapping the keys of the keyboard. Whatever it may be – an opening address, an addition to your website, product descriptions, an article or advertising material just to  name a few – you can have your text crafted by an experienced native English speaker with a flair for the written word. Take the opportunity to discuss your project during a free initial consultation and let me write it just for you.

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Translate + Create

The transcreation service is the accurate translation from German to English, followed by the creation of an English text that is entirely authentic and natural. Let your English language texts sound and read as if they had never been translated, and ensure an accurate and professional international presence.

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Academic Services

Exam success techniques

Exam Excellence

Spoken and written examinations are challenging, nerve-wracking and difficult to prepare for without plenty of practice. Let my oral and written rhetorical skill and vast experience with Cambridge exam preparation guide you on the path to exam excellence.

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Exam Success

Cambridge exam preparation

A Cambridge Exam certificate is called for at most all levels of further education and is a highly useful addition to your skill set in today’s job market. Let my 20+ years of experience in teaching every level of Cambridge Exams aid you in achieving this valuable certification.

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Oral exam coaching

Say it with confidence!

Sweaty palms, a dry throat, a nervous cough? Do these symptoms arise before you take an oral exam? Private coaching sessions can improve your performance and self-confidence within a very short time and allow you to perform at your best during oral exams in English. Practice giving clear and concise answers in a confident manner before the big exam day!

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Writing skills for exams

Academic Accuracy

Academic writing requires a combination of style and accuracy that is difficult to maintain in your mother tongue, not to mention in a foreign language. You have put your best efforts into your paper and read it so many times that you could repeat it by heart, which means that you may no longer see the errors. Let an experienced academic writer and language teacher proofread it and give you extensive feedback before submission.

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Each coaching session and consulting service is as individual as the person it is designed to serve. Therefore, prices will be determined on an individual basis after an initial free 30 minute consultation.

To request a free personal consultation or for further information, please contact me at or 00 41 78 692 88 02

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