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About me


Corrine Thöny-Gritsch: a Canadian with Liechtensteiner roots


Corrine Thöny-Gritsch is an experienced English language instructor and coach who employs her love of language to motivate and lead her clients to find their own voice and to ultimately communicate with confidence.

Born and raised on a farm in northern Canada, Corrine Thöny-Gritsch showed early signs, according to her mother, of being “a born teacher.” She developed a love of English literature, a passion for writing poetry, and a desire to live and work overseas. She took her Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in English, in 1997 and left for Liechtenstein that same year hoping to reconnect with her family roots and begin her career as an English language teacher.

Fast forward 20 years, and Corrine has set firm roots in what her grandparents called “the old country,” Liechtenstein, where she is a well-known language teacher, private language coach, academic proof-reader and editor. Her understanding of the language and culture of Liechtenstein has grown over the years, allowing her to better meet the needs of her students and private clients. Furthermore, her vast experience in language teaching, her literary flair and penchant for all things grammatical help others succeed in their goals of written and oral fluency.

With her open and enthusiastic nature, Corrine Thöny-Gritsch has the ability to set people at ease, build their confidence and create an environment where they find their own English voice.


English Language Coaching & Consultingcommunicate with confidence!

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Corinne Thöny-Gritsch

English Language Coaching & Consulting
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"communicate with confidence"